Scale & Thrive Programs

For scaling companies of up to 150 people who want to build and scale a workplace culture in which everyone grows and wins together.

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Thriving Together Programs

Group programs for companies with more than 150 employees who wish to reinforce or refresh their positive and healthy workplace culture.
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Employee Experience Workshops

Plug-and-play group sessions designed to empower your employees with habit-changing tools and techniques to help them thrive at work.
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Hello, I’m Lucy Griffith, Founder of Thrive at Work.

I specialize in building and facilitating workshops and programs that:

  • Support companies that wish to build or maintain a positive and healthy work culture – creating and nurturing the conditions in which everyone can thrive and grow together
  • Empower employees to build sustainable and healthy work day habits to help them feel and work better

I offer practical real-world strategies involving small and manageable changes.

Although seemingly simple, positive and healthy habits can be powerful and can quickly grow and accumulate to make a deep impact within organisations.

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The benefits of building & maintaining a healthy, positive culture

In today's climate, if you want a company which:

  • Achieves / maintains a strong position in the market
  • Attracts and retains happy, productive employees who engage with their work
  • Has a positive and attractive employer brand

Then it's essential to make health and wellbeing a key strategic focus in your organisation

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Why Work With Me?

To have a long-term impact, wellbeing programs have to be fully embedded into the company culture. If you don’t invest in the required expertise, care and attention, you risk ending up with  quick-fix solutions that overlook more deeply-rooted factors that may be impeding positive change.

I have spent more than 20 years building this experience through my work within a range of global companies, developing and managing health and wellbeing programs and services. Over the years I have gained a deeper understanding of what really works. I look forward to sharing this experience with you and your employees.