The Thrive At Work team aim to make a day in your office a more healthy, happy and vibrant experience for everyone. We...

  • Offer practical, flexible wellness solutions to companies of all sizes
  • Make use of non-specialist spaces within diverse office environments. 
  • Offer services that nurture productivity, focus and positivity in busy people.
  • Combine the strength of a range of health and wellness specialists.
  • Bring great ideas and contagious energy to your office.
  • Have many years of experience in delivering successful office-based wellbeing services.

our services

Man at desk eating healthy lunch

Vitality & Stress-Resilience Programmes

Maximise your employees’ potential for great energy, focus, emotional balance and optimal performance at work. Read more here.

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is a great way for office workers to take a short time-out from their desk to ease tension in the neck, back and shoulders and reduce stress. Read more here.

Office Yoga

The perfect antidote to workday stress and postural / muscular problems that can arise due to long hours spent at a desk. Office yoga is a great choice for anyone wishing to feel refreshed and calm at work. Read more here

Energy Re-Boot Sessions

Get that ‘double-espresso’ effect without reaching for the coffee! Liven up your team, sharpen their focus and boost their mood with a combination of short & simple yet amazingly effective techniques that anyone can do. Read more here.

Happy workers, Healthy Profits

Are you looking to recruit and retain really good people?
Would you like to save money?
Do you want to inspire and align your teams?

Company wellness programmes aren't just about keeping your employees healthy and happy. They can also give you an excellent return on your investment. Business benefits include...

  • Better recruitment and retention
  • Prevention of costly sick days
  • Improved employee morale and team-building
  • Fiscal benefits
The Benefits of Employee Wellness for Your Company

a solution for every challenge


There’s no need to invest huge amounts of money in a wellness programme.

Thrive At Work can provide you with a whole range of practical solutions to suit different budgets. For example, if a weekly chair massage day isn’t an option, then why not consider a bi-weekly or monthly one? Alternatively, invest in a short-term activity such as a course, workshop or health week which offers workers a whole toolkit of healthy habits from which they can benefit in the long-term.

There are also tax benefits for companies providing wellbeing services.


No gym? No problem – let’s think out of the box.

Our services are designed to fit into non-specialist spaces within your working environment. For example, Office yoga works perfectly in a breakout room. Chair massage slots well into an empty meeting space. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Where to start

Thrive At Work can help to find a tailor-made solution that works for your company.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you choose from a range of options.

Still not sure? Arrange a trial to check our services are the best-fit for you.

Why invest in employee health?

Benefits of Chair Massage

Business Benefits

Benefits of Office Yoga

Tax Benefits

Some of our clients

what our customers say

“We have developed a great partnership with Thrive at Work and their dedication to provide the best service for Chair Massages and Yoga is amazing. We truly appreciate their flexibility – no bridge is too far. We notice the services benefit our employees enormously. We thank them so much for doing a great job! “

Melissa Lenior, Office Manager, Nutanix NL

“Great to be able to do a yoga class at work. A luxury and also helps to relieve stress.”

Customer Satisfaction Survey Response, Spring 2018

“It is fantastic to have massage and I appreciate that my company is taking the employee wellness seriously. Please keep doing the good work!”

Customer Satisfaction Survey Response 2018 (Chair Massage service at Nutanix NL)

“I can’t believe how awake and focused I feel after your energy re-boot session! I usually need three coffees to make me feel like this!”

Sonia, 'Energy Re-Boot' Session participant

“I always look forward to my chair massage. The Thrive At Work therapists are amazing – they really know how to find my tension points and ease the stiffness I feel in my muscles after a long day at my desk.”

Anna, Manager, Nutanix NL

“Lucy’s yoga lessons are diverse, fun and always leave you feeling better and more balanced than when you came in. I strongly her recommend her.”

Luisa, Yoga Participant at Citco Amsterdam

“Lucy is an extremely professional and charismatic office yoga teacher. She is able to adapt to her environment and has something to offer to everyone from beginners to advance yogis and even the skeptics.”

Luisa, Office Yoga Participant at Citco NL

“This is yet another example of the company taking care of their employees”

Thrive at Work Customer Satisfaction Survey Response 2018

Sound good?

The Thrive At Work team can provide a tailor-made solution that works for your company.