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Group Workshops

Interactive group training sessions on a range of topics, delivered online or at your office.
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A complete interactive learning journey, delivered online or at your office.
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Hello, I’m Lucy Griffith, Founder of Thrive at Work.

I build and facilitate workshops and programmes to empower employees to take control of their own workday health. I offer them simple ways to create healthy habits that stick in their daily working lives. This helps them to stay healthy, happy and energetic.

To ensure that these interventions are realistic and sustainable, I also help companies to create a culture and environment which enables employees to make these healthy choices on a daily basis.

Because employees who thrive at work enjoy and engage with what they do. They avoid the misery and cost of stress and burnout. They build a bright and healthy future for themselves and their companies.

These small and manageable changes can quickly accumulate to make a deep impact. This supports companies who are working to create a long-lasting culture of positive wellbeing within their organisations.

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The benefits of investing in employee health

Healthy, happy employees are essential for a thriving business.

The right wellbeing programme has the potential to:

  • Inspire and align your teams
  • Prevent costly sick days
  • Recruit and retain really great people
  • Improve employee morale, productivity and team-building
  • Improve sustainability, which brings excellent return on investment
The Benefits of Employee Wellbeing for Your Company

Why Choose Thrive at Work?

To build a successful wellbeing programme takes many years experience.

It requires a deep understanding of what inspires employees to make positive changes. It  also demands an appreciation of the challenges that often prevent them from making those changes.

People are unique and complex. What excites one employee may leave another cold. A traditional one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing fails to impact those that could most benefit from it. A good trainer has the skillset required to offer a broad spectrum of techniques and approaches, in order to create the breadth needed to reach a wide range of people.

To have a long-term impact, wellbeing programmes have to be deeply embedded into the company culture. If you don’t invest in the required expertise, care and attention it becomes a quick-fix solution that unsuccessfully tries to ‘plaster over the cracks’ of unhealthy working practices.

I have spent the past 20 years building this experience through my work within a range of global companies, developing and managing in-house health and wellbeing programmes and services. Over the years, I’ve learned from my mistakes and used them as an opportunity for improvement. Over time, this has led to a deeper understanding of what really works. I want to share this experience with you and your employees.