Are you demoting your body to the role of ‘Brain-Carrier’ at work?

If so, you risk falling short of your full performance potential and could be missing out on huge health benefits.

Picture the scene:

You’re busy with a desk-based job. The pressure is on and you need to make decisions, solve problems and come up with creative ideas. You rely on your brain to come up with the goods.

So your body carries your brain to your desk and you start typing. You don’t want pesky distractions from your body to interrupt all that brilliant thinking so you stay in ‘brain on a stick’ mode, shutting out sensations from the neck down.

A few hours later you come out of your ‘brain bubble’ and discomfort suddenly alerts you to the presence of your body. Sometimes it’s back pain, at others it’s a full bladder. You might notice that you’re feeling tense or uneasy, or perhaps it’s fatigue or hunger that pops up on your radar and spurs you on to take action.

The trouble is, you’ve already missed the opportunity to work at your best. The earlier calls to action that your body was sending out have passed by unnoticed and it’s a case of ‘too little too late’.

For example, your body might be telling you to:

➜ Take a break / switch mental gears / change perspective
➜ Shift position / stretch / walk
➜ Breathe slower and deeper
➜ Refuel

Had you have paid a little more attention to your body’s alerts and taken action as a result, then you would have most-likely been able to avoid the following ‘downstream’ problems:

➜ Mental blocks / loss of focus & perspective
➜ Muscle pain and tension
➜ Stress accumulating
➜ Rational thought dropping off-line
➜ Energy crashes, resulting in snacking & caffeine binges

Are you a brain on a stick at work, or do you harness the power of your brain-body dream team for health and productivity?