Happy Workers, Healthy Profit… Workplace wellbeing programmes aren’t just about keeping your staff healthy and happy. They also offer an excellent return on investment for your company.

Business Benefits


Are you looking to recruit and retain really good people?

“80% of employees say wellness programmes would be crucial to attracting and keeping them over the next ten years.”1

Wellbeing programmes send a clear message to your employees that you care enough to invest in their mental and physical health and that you genuinely want them to enjoy their work.

When employees feel like their employer cares about their well-being, the impact is powerful. Employees who feel valued are more likely to go the extra mile and are more inclined to recommend their workplace to others, therefore lowering the cost of recruitment.2


Would you like to save money?

“50% of European workers report feeling stressed in their place of work, and the issue is responsible for half of the continent’s lost working days”1

The cost of missed workdays due to stress / depression according to EU-OSHA calculations3, adds up to a bill of 94 billion Euros a year. The same source suggests that stress is a factor in between 50% and 60% of all lost working days. This represents a huge cost in terms of both human distress and impaired economic performance.

The costs of back pain in the EU are also very considerable and have been estimated to exceed €12billion each year.4

How our services help:

  • Regular massage therapy can help release chronic muscle soreness and tension that may hamper an employee’s ability to work effectively and without pain.
  • Yoga trains employees to become more aware of their own physical and mental state and this increased awareness can help them to respond more effectively to stress and anxiety.
  • Regular exercise releases endorphins that help workers feel more positive, energised and better able to focus and retain information.

…… all vitally useful tools to have in a fast-paced workplace where multitasking is a way of life.


Do you want to inspire and align your workplace?

Fun and social wellness activities can bring teams closer together, give everyone a common goal and improve workplace relationships. These activities help employees to get to know one another better and allow them to work together in a more social setting. Group activities remind employees that work is a community, not just a salary.2


Do you prefer maximum benefits and minimum tax?

There are also considerable tax benefits on offer for companies offering wellbeing programmes to their employees.

Other benefits

Chair Massage Benefits

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Yoga Benefits

Energy Re-Boot Benefits

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