Why tight deadlines can kill or cure your productivity

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein Do you agree? For me, a looming deadline can definitely help me avoid procrastination and can give me the motivational kick I need in order to tackle tasks that I’ve been putting-off doing. But this sense of time scarcity sometimes backfires. Instead of spurring me on, it can end up playing ping-pong with my mental focus, sending me spiralling into a totally unproductive and stressful state. In the […]

Four Photographer’s Lessons to Bring To My Working Life

I’m mid-way through a 365 project, so am in the process of taking at least one photo a day for a whole year. I hold myself accountable by committing to post the photos on a blog site and at the end of the project I’ll be rewarded with a colourful visual diary of memories – simple moments in my daily life that might otherwise be forgotten. My habit obsession This project also gives me a beautiful lesson in how habits are created and how […]

How physically intelligent are you at work?

Those of us working in desk jobs can harness our body’s amazing potential to enhance productivity and health, just as much as those of us in ‘physical jobs’ can. Our physical bodies play a vitally important role if we want to perform at our full potential at work, both in terms of our performance and our health. I’m not just referring to those who are in what is considered to be a ‘physical job’. You don’t have to work as an athlete, lumberjack or […]

What my cluttered home has taught me about my work life

I seriously need to tidy up my apartment….and then apply the same approach to my work life. When I moved in with my partner several years ago, we combined our accumulated possessions that had previously filled two homes into one small apartment, which meant stuffing the storage space to the ceiling full of overspill items.  At the time, we promised to sort it out soon. We were busy with all the hassle that comes with a house move, so it got put off. Then […]