In a fast-paced modern work environment, sometimes people need to stop their mind and relax in order to think of a better solution to a problem. A therapeutic chair massage may be just what your employees need to feel better, think clearer and be more productive.

I partner with a team of highly experienced / fully qualified chair massage therapists, to bring massage directly to your office.

COVID-19: Thrive at Work chair massage services have been on hold for a while as the offices in which we usually work are closed. The massage team are ready to resume your chair massage services as soon as you are ready to begin. Of course, the correct hygiene protocols are always applied to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy.

What is chair massage?

A chair massage takes place in a specially designed massage chair. A therapist massages the client’s neck, back, and arms (usually for 20 minutes per session). There’s no special preparation or change of clothes involved, so it’s easy and convenient.

Unlike traditional ‘lying down’ massage, this treatment ensures that employees get a relaxing and therapeutic experience without having to invest too much time from their working day or losing focus or productivity.

Each massage can be geared to the individual, addressing points of tightness and tension, with specific attention to the areas of the body that tend to be challenged by long hours at a desk.

Health for your employees and a healthy profit for you

Chair massage can help counter the mental and physical challenges that office workers commonly experience... the kinds of problems that cause costly sick-days and increased operational costs for your company.

There is a host of scientifically-proven physical benefits of regular chair massage, including:

  • Increased energy, alertness and productivity
  • Decreased anxiety and stress levels
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Improved blood flow and circulation
  • Better sleep
The scientifically-proven benefits of chair massage

The business benefits of chair massage

Chair massage isn't just about keeping your employees happy and healthy. It can also give you an excellent return on your investment.

  • Cost and time effective – many benefits in short period of time with minimal investment
  • Reduce the cost of sick days due to muscular / stress-related problems
  • Boost productivity by motivating, energising and de-stressing employees
  • Demonstrate your investment in the mental and physical wellbeing of your team – show you are a company who cares
  • Recruit and retain employees by boosting employee morale
  • Tax benefits
The business benefits of employee health

What our customers say

“We have developed a great partnership with Thrive at Work and their dedication to provide the best service for chair massage and yoga is amazing. We truly appreciate their flexibility – no bridge is too far. We notice the services benefit our employees enormously. We thank them so much for doing a great job! “

Melissa Lenior, Office Manager, Nutanix NL

“It is fantastic to have massage and I appreciate that my company is taking the employee wellness seriously. Please keep doing the good work!”

Customer Satisfaction Survey Response 2018 (Chair Massage service at Nutanix NL)

“I always look forward to my chair massage. The Thrive At Work therapists are amazing – they really know how to find my tension points and ease the stiffness I feel in my muscles after a long day at my desk.”

Anna, Manager, Nutanix NL

Want to enjoy the benefits of chair massage in your company?

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