Thrive At Work brings practical, fun and real-world training to your workplace, delivered by our experienced team of wellbeing experts. We tailor-make classes, workshops and programs to suit your company's needs and budget.






Regular (usually weekly) group training sessions which give your team the chance to keep fit and healthy at work, have fun together, relax, re-boot and bust stress. Classes can take place before or after work, during lunch breaks or as part of a work day. Examples include: Running Training, Outdoor Boot Camp, Box Fit, Boardroom Yoga, Interval Training, Core-Strength


Practical, fun training sessions which empower your employees to find answers to their own unique health and wellbeing challenges at work. Our experts present participants with a toolkit of simple strategies that promote healthy activity at work and it’s up to each individual to decide which of these strategies they take away and try out. Workshops can be booked as discreet sessions or form part of a series and are a great way to see long-term benefits with short-term investment.


Would your company benefit from a wellness fair, health day / week / month or healthy team building activity? We can custom-build a wellness program for your employees, combining several of our classes, workshops or activities.  By offering a range of fun and empowering activities you get to nurture wellness, energy and productivity in your teams. What better way to demonstrate to your employees that you care about their health?


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