Give your employees that ‘double-espresso’ effect…. no coffee required!

A 30 minute boost designed to turbo-charge your team’s energy, led by one of our specialist instructors.



  • Short, simple yet amazingly effective techniques suitable for everyone.
  • A combination of simple stretches, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises.
  • No sweat or hard physical effort required.

The Espresso Effect:

  • Liven up your teams, sharpen their focus, boost their mood and increase their productivity
  • Ease muscle tension, boost circulation, improve posture and reduce stress levels
  • Empower your employees with techniques they can use independently


  • Perfect for important days in the office, a morning or post-lunch wake-up or as part of your team meetings / conference program.
  • Participants don’t need to change out of their business clothes.
  • Suitable for meeting rooms, board rooms, office areas or conference auditoriums.

What can our Energy Re-Boot Sessions do your your team?

“I can’t believe how awake and focused I feel after your energy re-boot session! I usually need three coffees to make me feel like this!”

Sonia, 'Energy Re-Boot' Session participant


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