COVID-19 UPDATE: Thrive at Work yoga classes have been on hold for a while as the offices in which I usually work are closed. Once you’re ready to resume in-person classes, I’m happy to begin teaching them for you! Of course, the correct social-distancing measures will be taken to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. In the meantime, if you’re interested in me leading online yoga classes for your company, please contact me for details.


Yoga trains employees to become more aware of their own physical and mental state and this increased awareness can help them to change the way they respond to stress and anxiety. They learn to focus their minds more effectively so they can concentrate on the task at hand – a vitally useful skill to have in a fast-paced workplace where multitasking is a way of life.

Yoga also offers a multitude of other mental and physical benefits to your employees.

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Lucy Griffith, Thrive at Work Founder, gives a demonstration of Vinyasa Flow Yoga training

Why Office Yoga?

Office Yoga is the perfect antidote to workday stress and postural / muscular problems that can arise due to long hours spent at a desk.

It is a great choice for anyone wishing to feel energised and refreshed during his or her work day, both physically and mentally.

Unlike standard yoga lessons, my classes are designed to address the specific physical and mental challenges that desk workers tend to encounter.

What to expect

Each one hour-long class begins by slowly warming up the muscles, then gradually build up to a series of postures that work to release energy throughout the body and bring focus to the mind.

Classes are open to all levels, including complete beginners, as the intensity of the class will be adapted to the level of the participants and the needs of the group. So whether it’s a gentle relaxation class or an high-energy challenge that you require, I can create a class that suits you.

More information on what to expect from my office yoga classes.

office yoga class

Health for your employees and a healthy profit for you

Yoga can help counter the mental and physical challenges that office workers commonly experience... the kinds of problems that cause costly sick-days and increased operational costs for your company.

There is a host of scientifically-proven physical and mental benefits of regular yoga practice, including:

  • Prevention of back pain
  • Stress reduction and improved stress resilience
  • Improved brain function
  • Increased energy, focus and productivity
  • Increased strength and flexibility
The scientifically-proven benefits of yoga

Benefits to your business

Office yoga isn't just about keeping your employees happy and healthy. It can also have a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Cost effective – many benefits with minimal investment
  • Reduce the cost of sick days due to muscular / stress-related problems
  • Boost productivity by motivating, energising and de-stressing employees
  • Demonstrate your investment in the mental and physical wellbeing of your team – show you are a company who cares
  • Recruit and retain employees by boosting employee morale
  • Tax benefits
The business benefits of employee wellbeing
woman doing warrior yoga pose

What our customers say

“Great to be able to do a yoga class at work. A luxury and also helps to relieve stress.”

Customer Satisfaction Survey Response, Spring 2018

“Lucy’s yoga lessons are diverse, fun and always leave you feeling better and more balanced than when you came in. I strongly her recommend her.”

Luisa, Yoga Participant at Citco Amsterdam

“Lucy is an extremely professional and charismatic office yoga teacher. She is able to adapt to her environment and has something to offer to everyone from beginners to advance yogis and even the skeptics.”

Luisa, Office Yoga Participant at Citco NL

“This is yet another example of the company taking care of their employees”

Thrive at Work Customer Satisfaction Survey Response 2018

Want to enjoy the benefits of yoga in your company?

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