Which wellbeing challenges does your team face at work?

The Thrive at Work team have spent years listening to office workers talk about their wellbeing needs. The things that we hear again and again are…

  • How can I keep myself fit and healthy during my work day when I have so much else to do?
  • How can I avoid pain and tension at my desk?
  • What activity or food choice can help me maximise my energy, productivity and focus at work?
  • What can I do to help myself during those ‘melt-down’ moments of work stress?

What we offer

Man at desk eating healthy lunch

Vitality & Stress-Resilience Programmes

Maximise your employees’ potential for great energy, focus, emotional balance and optimal performance at work. Read more here.

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is a great way for office workers to take a short time-out from their desk to ease tension in the neck, back and shoulders and reduce stress. Read more here.

Office Yoga

The perfect antidote to workday stress and postural / muscular problems that can arise due to long hours spent at a desk. Office yoga is a great choice for anyone wishing to feel refreshed and calm at work. Read more here

Energy Re-Boot Sessions

Get that ‘double-espresso’ effect without reaching for the coffee! Liven up your team, sharpen their focus and boost their mood with a combination of short & simple yet amazingly effective techniques that anyone can do. Read more here.

Our philosophy

The Thrive At Work team brings practical, fun and real-world training to your work place that will empower your employees to find answers to their own unique health and wellbeing challenges and allow them to adapt to any problems that the modern work environment might present.

We don’t nag – we inspire positive change

We share the philosophy that healthy activity should be an enjoyable experience; not unpleasant ‘medicine’ that needs to be suffered. We help employees find activities that they enjoy and empower them to experiment with health solutions that work for them personally rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our focus is on positive strategies and encouragement rather than fear tactics and we encourage ‘baby steps’ towards a healthier approach rather than expecting sudden dramatic life changes.

Quite simply – if you like doing something, you tend to keep doing it!


Tailor made services for non-specialist spaces

Our classes, workshops, courses, programmes and activities are custom-built to suit your company’s needs, budget and the space you have available.

We make use of non-specialist spaces within diverse office environments, so there’s no need for a gym, exercise studio or expensive equipment.

Where to start?

Let’s discuss your team’s wellbeing needs and come up with a custom-made solution that works for your company. If our service menu doesn’t include what you’re looking for, let us know. We are constantly looking to expand our team and broaden our range of expertise. Tell us what your employees are asking for and we’ll do our best to find the expert to deliver it.