group training

Group Workshops

Interactive group training sessions on a range of topics, delivered online or at your office.
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man on a group video conference on laptop


A complete interactive learning journey, delivered online or at your office.
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Office or Home?

I personally deliver all live workshops and programmes.

I offer you the choice of

  • presence sessions in your office / a location of your choice
  • online sessions delivered via your preferred web conferencing platform

Aims & Philosophy

My services for companies aim to nurture productivity, focus and positivity in busy people, whether they work in the office or from home.

I offer practical, memorable and real-world training; empowering your employees to find answers to their own unique health and wellbeing challenges. This helps them to respond more effectively to the stressors that the modern work environment sometimes presents.

Participants are given simple methods to create sustainable, healthy habits. These are small, manageable actions that can be woven into their workday to help them feel more productive, resilient to stress, focused and energetic.

I focus on habit change so that…

  • Your company gets to see long-term return on investment
  • Your employees develop positive habits that will serve them throughout their careers

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