What makes our program different?

What makes our Stress Resilience & Workday Vitality Programme different, when other office wellbeing programs and services often fail to hit the mark?

Traditional wellbeing programs may succeed in bringing an inspiring message to employees or present  great opportunities for healthy activity, but they can sometimes engage a limited number of employees and the effects may fade quickly. This leaves you with a frustrating situation –  limited return on investment and little noticeable change within your organisation.

That’s why this program is different. It’s aimed at companies and organisations who are willing to dive deeper and question the status-quo of office wellbeing. For those who understand investment is required in order to reap the rewards of a more profound shift towards a genuine healthy office culture.

Individual approach: We acknowledge that employees are unique and complex. What excites one may leave another cold. A traditional one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing fails to impact many of the people that could most benefit from it. That’s why this program focuses on the individual participants’ needs and gives them the tools to find solutions that best fit with their personal situation. This autonomy leads to increased engagement and ownership of the process of making sustainable habit changes.

Creating habits that stick: A healthy workday comprises of a series of healthy habits. Employees’ healthy (and unhealthy) habits are intrinsically linked to many factors, including family life, working relationships, job role, stress levels, history and personality. The concept of work-life balance is a myth. It is impossible to separate the two. To give employees the chance of success in swapping unhealthy habits for more healthy ones, they need to understand how habits work. That’s why this program teaches participants how their brains work to make and break habits. It cultivates understanding and self-reflection, allowing employees to recognise their own unique triggers and rewards – the essential components required to build a sustainable habit.

Memorable & experiential:  Employees are led through a complete journey of active participation throughout the program so that their learning becomes memorable rather than a forgettable exercise in passive listening. Accountability for action is built in to every stage. Group sessions encourage discussion and idea sharing. Habit-integration exercises get participants ‘flexing their habit muscles’ as they road-test a series of workday behaviours. Coaching sessions support participants in problem-solving, reflection and action-planning. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of fun and adventure throughout the process, giving employees the energy and enthusiasm required to drive positive change.

Manageable and sustainable: Programme activities are simple, manageable and fun. Participants experiment with their own working day habits rather than adding to their already full to-do lists with daunting tasks. They are encouraged to take baby steps towards a bigger goal, so that change builds a gradual and manageable momentum rather than a feeling of overwhelm. We aim to trigger ‘keystone’ habits – small shifts in behaviour that set off a chain-reaction to bigger, more profound changes within your organisation.

Lower frustration:  The program helps participants distinguish between what they can and can’t control and trains them to shift their focus away from frustration and into possibility. With support, they are empowered to find their own solutions to increase their resilience within challenging work environments or situations. Participants are never scolded for unhealthy past actions or nagged into changing. Our ultimate goal is to give them the time, space, support, resources and inspiration to allow them to be master of their own journey into habit change.

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