Stress Resilience & Workday Vitality Programme

Burnout represents a huge cost and impact on business, occurring when people lose their motivation, resilience and vitality. Prevention makes more sense than cure. Thrive at Work partners with organisations to improve employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing and sustainability.

For us, company wellbeing goes beyond its marketing message. We dig deep. We work with companies who want to make profound changes, creating long-lasting, positive wellbeing within their organisations.

We look at each individual person, unlocking their potential via our 3-month Stress Resilience and Workday Vitality Programme – comprising of group training, 1-on-1 coaching, and habit integration – ultimately, guiding people to create new, manageable habits. This results in less stress, higher engagement and overall vitality.

3-Month Programme

The programme takes participants on a complete journey, first broadening their awareness of the benefits of healthy actions, then assessing their current situation, refining their self-reflection skills, encouraging experimentation with a range of simple interventions and finally supporting them in the process of creating and maintaining new and healthy habits.

  1. Pre-programme questionnaire
  2. 5 x Weekly Group Sessions (1.5 hours per session)
  3. 5 x Workday Habit-Integration Experiments (performed by participants between group sessions)
  4. 1st 1:1 Coaching Sessions  (1 hour session per participant) – 4 weeks after completion of group sessions
  5. 2nd 1:1  Coaching Session (1 hour session per participant) – 8 weeks after completion of group session
  6. Evaluation



Group Session Content

Participants learn how small, manageable habits incorporated into their working day can trigger powerful impact on their vitality and resilience.

  1. Physical Vitality – Work shouldn’t hurt! Strategies to address muscular tension & pain and energy slumps at work. Learn how small changes to your everyday workday habits can have a positive impact on your health, vitality and resistance to stress.
  2. Rest and Sleep – Are you waking up rested every morning and ready to work with all cylinders firing? Learn about the hugely impactful benefits of sleep and rest on your ability to work at optimum performance levels. Pick up tips and tricks on how to maximise the quality of your sleep and avoid workday dips and health risks.
  3. Emotional Vitality – Addressing the impact of workday mindset, mood and cognitive health on our ability to combat stress  –Examine strategies that can help you to switch from feeling frustrated /unable to move forwards to feeling motivated, productive and positive at work.
  4. Fuelling Your Body– Discover how your food and drink choices impact your energy levels, mood and stress-resilience at work. Which nutritional choices increase performance and which give brain-fog, energy dips and a bad office mood?
  5. Stress Resilience Strategies – Highlighting the importance of stress awareness and recognising the warning symptoms in yourself and others. Learn about the psychology of habit change, and how it can help you replace unhealthy daily habits with healthy ones.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

During one-to-one coaching sessions, participants are guided through a process which helps them turn their learning into action. This is where we bring sustainable benefits to the programme, maximising participants’ chance of building new healthy habits and making them stick in the long term

1 – They reflect on their experience and learning throughout the group programme.

2 – They are helped to extract the elements that worked for them.

3 – They build an action plan, incorporating proven techniques from the realm of behavioural psychology

4 – They are held accountable for taking action, but given the autonomy to decide what that action is.

Habit Integration

Our practical workday experiments take the theory from the group sessions and turn it into action – the chance to practice integration of sustainable, manageable habits

After each group session, participants are asked to road-test one new healthy workday behaviour for a five day period.  They get to choose from a range of options, or can create their own.  All of these new habits are simple, fun and manageable – they involve changing existing actions rather than adding to (already busy) to-do lists.

During the next group session, participants reflect on their experiences and share what worked / didn’t work for them.




Why invest?

Boosting your employees’ capacity for stress resilience and vitality…

  • helps prevent burnout occurring
  • reduces the cost of absenteeism caused by stress and ill health
  • improves employee productivity
  • improves employee satisfaction
  • improves employee engagement
  • improves employee morale
  • improves employee overall health and wellbeing
  • improves perception of your company
  • creates a genuine company culture of care and compassion

What makes this programme different?

Unlike many traditional office wellbeing programmes, this programme drives sustainable, manageable habit change - giving your employees a healthier and happier work day and ensuring return on investment for your company

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