Help your people adapt and thrive during transformational times:

Reinforce and refresh your positive and healthy workplace culture

My ‘Thriving Together’ custom-built programs are designed and facilitated to meet the needs of teams, departments or employee/management groups working within companies who have more than 150 employees.

They offer real-world, practical strategies to help reinforce and refresh your existing positive workplace culture.

Dealing with challenging times

It’s a tough time to be a leader at the moment. All companies currently face a multitude of challenges if they hope to:

  • Remain strong and successful in a competitive market
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Build strong team connections, particularly when working remotely
  • Ensure employees remain energetic and engaged
  • Maintain a strong employer brand

Weathering the Inevitable Storms

Those organisations who have already invested time and attention in building a healthy, people-centred culture will be the most well-equipped to weather the inevitable storms that they face during challenging times.

But even the strongest of cultures needs regular reinforcement to ensure it stands strong, particularly when you’re navigating times in your company’s development that mean significant or rapid changes are taking place (e.g. acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, redundancies).

Thriving Together programs can be used to:

  • Support leaders and managers in maintaining the cultural conditions in which everyone can thrive and win together through challenging times.
  • Empower employees with a toolkit of practical strategies and habit-building skills to help them remain energetic and engaged when facing big changes.

A complete learning Journey

  • A combination of group sessions and individual activities
  • A memorable, experiential and interactive learning experience
  • A unique blend of science-based theory, self-reflection and physical learning

All programs contain focused activities that target three essential building blocks of a positive and healthy workplace culture:

  • Effective Communication
  • Stress Management
  • Positive Habits

Custom-built activities on additional specific focus areas can also be included to meet the unique needs of your company.

Fully customizable

  • Pragmatic solutions to help you solve the specific challenges that you face as an organisation
  • Adaptable and flexible content to meet the needs of the individual participants and groups
  • Can be delivered company-wide or to departments, teams, senior leaders or managers
  • Live sessions, delivered in person
  • Online or at your office
  • Flexible format to meet your company’s needs
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