About the program creators / facilitators:

Lucy Griffith

I'm Lucy and I'm Founder of Thrive at Work. I've been working in corporate health for more than 20 years, creating, managing and delivering a variety of health and wellness initiatives for a wide range of global companies.

My group sessions weave science-based theory with practical real-world solutions and techniques that I have mastered during my past work as a habit-change coach, fitness trainer, yoga teacher and professional dancer.

You can read more about my story here

Christina Ioannidou

I’m Christina and I’ve spent most of my career in corporate and strategic HR. I’m also a certified NLP Life Coach and a Trained Facilitator in the Lego Serious Play methodology.

I’ve worked both for large companies such as Samsung and and led teams in start-up and scale-up environments such as Yolt and Sympower where I’ve helped them build HR structures from the ground up in multiple markets.

During this time, I have supported and coached people on multiple organizational levels through burnout, various work and life challenges, work performance issues as well as conflicts and other difficulties.

Now, as a Happiness Coach and Wellbeing Consultant for growing companies, I help people lead happier lives, become more mindful and feel less stressed.

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