A: Pulse Survey

To provide you with a complete understanding of your current situation, we perform a company-wide anonymous survey and data analysis on:

  • Current wellbeing provision
  • Employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Stress and burnout risks
  • Employee perception and expectations regarding wellbeing provision

This data will provide the key insights you need in order to build a wellbeing strategy that is the right fit for your organisation.

It also prevents you from basing your strategic wellbeing decisions on the weak foundations of flawed assumptions – a common and costly mistake that many companies make.

B: Pulse Management Workshop

A 2-hour targeted management workshop where we kickstart the conversation around wellbeing and provide the foundations for our next steps:

  • Place wellbeing in context
  • Bust some common wellbeing myths
  • Discuss the survey results
  • Analyze your company’s areas of improvement
  • Examine external data on the impact of wellbeing as a strategic focus
  • Review case studies and reflect on personal experience
  • Explain how our program supports you

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