Session Aims

The aim of each Energy Re-Boot Session is to allow employees to re-connect with their bodies. This simple but important process offers a multitude of mental and physical benefits.

Why connect to the body?

During a busy workday we are often caught up in a whirlwind of mental processes. When we are mentally processing large volumes of information it is very common that a ‘disconnect’ happens with the body (i.e. we ignore the warning signals that our body is sending us). We can end up feeling like a ‘brain on a stick’, unaware of the needs of our bodies and therefore unable to deal with stress effectively.

Studies show that when we experience stress, our ability to creatively solve problems diminishes greatly. We can become irritable and aggressive and feel that our problems are insurmountable.

The body offers a very efficient mechanism for dealing with stress. Unlike the brain (which is a ‘time-traveller – bouncing between worrying about past decisions and future imagined outcomes), the body can only exist in the present moment. Science shows that we are happier and calmer when we stay focused on the present. By tuning into here-and-now we notice the body’s ‘early-warning’ signals and can then take action keep us functioning in a healthy and productive manner.

What happens when we connect?

  • We notice tension building and can therefore adjust our position / stretch / take a short break.
  • When physical signals make us aware of our emotional state, we can engage in natural stress-relieving techniques such as deepening our breath, signalling hormonal changes that calm us down.
  • When we switch to ‘feeling’ mode (as opposed to ‘thinking’ mode) we focus on present reality, rather than being lost in thought. We can then calm the ‘fight or flight’ response that occurs when we are experiencing mental ‘time travelling’ – allowing us to make better and more mindful decisions


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