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Onboarding Session: Sound Mind, Sound Body


ASICS Onboarding Session: Sound Mind, Sound Body by Lucy Griffith

ASICS Resources

ASICS Philosophy and History

ASICS Mind Uplifter Tool 

ASICS Movement For Mind

Mind Games: The Experiment – Watch on Amazon Prime



How Exercise Changes Your Brain – Feel Better Live More Podcast with Brendon Stubbs

The Surprising Truth about Exercise – Feel Better Live More Podcast with Professor Daniel Lieberman



Move: The New Science of Body Over Mind by Caroline Williams

Physical Intelligence by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton



Benefits of Walking Meetings: Inc. Article on how walking meetings can promote creative thinking

Sitting and Exercise: New York Times Article on how sitting for too long sabotages exercise benefits

Moving to Reduce Health Risks: New York Times Article on how short and low intensity activity can help improve health

Exercise & the brain: Guardian Article on how exercise improves cognitive functioning

Health Risks Associated with Prolonged Sitting: NHS Article – Why We Should Sit Less


Ideas for moving more:

Microbreak Ideas

Injecting Movement into your Workday

Energising movement break (5 minutes away from your desk):


Scientific Research:

How walking can improve creative thinking: 2014 Study – American Psychological Association

Power Posing Effects: 2018 Study – Association for Psychological Science

Research linking slumped postures to negative perception – University of Hildesheim/Ruhr University Bochum Germany

Seated posture and Confidence: 2009 Study by Ohio State University


Movement-Based Exercises:


Circulation Booster #1: Shake Out

Circulation Booster #2: Twisting Stretch

Circulation Booster #3: Standing Stretch

Circulation Booster #4: Swing Sequence

Circulation Booster #5: Power up your legs

How to do the Brügger Break (Posture Microbreaks)

Stretch to help neck pain

Wall Angel (for tight shoulders)