Resources: Workshop

Slide Deck: Work From Home Comfort Session by Lucy Griffith



The problem with posture-fixing devices: The Mayfair Clinic video – ‘Do Back Braces Work?

The pros and cons of standing desks: GuerrillaZen Fitness Video – ‘Top 3 Problems with Standing Desks


Exercises (Video)

Thrive at Work Short Video Collection: Healthy Movement Habits at Work

How to do the Brügger Break (Posture Microbreaks)

Stretch to help neck pain

Wall Angel (for tight shoulders)



Physical Intelligence by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton



Exercise & the brain: Guardian Article on how exercise improves cognitive functioning

Benefits of Walking Meetings: Inc. Article on how walking meetings can promote creative thinking

Sitting and Exercise: New York Times Article on how sitting for too long sabotages exercise benefits

Moving to Reduce Health Risks: New York Times Article on how short and low intensity activity can help improve health

Health Risks Associated with Prolonged Sitting: NHS Article – Why We Should Sit Less


Scientific Research:

How walking can improve creative thinking: 2014 Study – American Psychological Association

Research linking slumped postures to negative perception – University of Hildesheim/Ruhr University Bochum Germany

Seated posture and Confidence: 2009 Study by Ohio State University



Simple habit change techniques: BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits 


Fitness Apps

Downdog (Fitness & Yoga apps offering short, customisable workouts – useful for mini exercise breaks at home)



Injecting Movement into your Workday