Staying Focused – Resources

Slides from the presentation


Boredom tolerance: Guardian Article on how people prefer electric shocks to being alone with their thoughts

Procrastination: BBC WorkLife Article on the emotional roots of procrastination

Procrastination: BBC WorkLife Article The Smart Guide to Procrastination

Self-control: BBC WorkLife Article on mental hacks that aid self-control at work

The cost of task-switching: Fast Company Article on the impact of interruption

Dealing with overwhelm: Harvard Business Review Article

How Busyness Leads to Bad Decisions: Article from BBC Worklife

Impact of multi-tasking: Psychology Today Article – The True Cost of Multi-Tasking

Notifications from Phones: Guardian Article – One Ping After Another

Tech Distraction: Harvard Business Review Article: Stop Letting Push Notifications Ruin Your Productivity

Attention Management: New York Times Article: Productivity isn’t about time management


Distraction – Indistractable by Nir Eyal

Scientific Studies:

The Cost of Interrupted Work – University of California Study – link to distraction and stress


How to Distraction-Proof Your Mind – BBC Ideas Video – with Nir Eyal

The Science of Multi-Tasking – BBC Ideas Video – Is it possible to multi-task effectively?

How Screen-use Effects our Lives – Talk – by Psychologist Adam Alter

How to Train Your Monkey Mind – Huffington Post Video – Interview with Mingyur Rinpoche (Tibetan Buddhist Master)


Hacking your phone to avoid distraction: PDF Worksheet

Life balance – wheel exercise: PDF Worksheet


Meditation training – Headspace

Distraction avoidance timer – Forest