Resources: Sympower

Reboot, recharge and rebalance

Sympower: Reboot, Recharge, Rebalance by Lucy Griffith

Active Break Videos:

Micro break ideas


Other Videos:

Why Boredom is Important: BBC Reel short video

Time Confetti – The One Thing Ruining Your Free Time: BBC Reel short video

How to improve your sleep: Sleep Tips video by Sleep Scientist Matthew Walker

How to tell if you’re sleep Deprived: Tech Insider Video

Sleep is your superpower: TED talk by Sleep Scientist Matthew Walker

Triaging your ‘crazy busy’ life: TED talk by ER Doctor Darria Long


Rest – Why you get more done when you work less – Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Solo – How to work alone (and not lose your mind) – Rebecca Seal

Sleep – Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker


Dr. Ragan Chatterjee interviews Alex Soojung-Kim Pang – Work Less & Get More Done

Dr. Ragan Chatterjee interviews Claudia Hammond – Why You Need More Rest


BBC Worklife Article: How the Pandemic could redefine our productivity obsession

How Busyness Leads to Bad Decisions: Article from BBC Worklife

Do people choose pain over boredom? Article from BBC News

Why do we buy into the ‘cult’ of overwork? Article from BBC Worklife

BBC Worklife Article:  Redesigning the traditional work week

BBC Worklife Article – ‘How Feierabend helps Germans disconnect from the workday’

Behavioural Scientist Article – Time Confetti and the Broken Promise of Leisure

New York Times Article – Relax! You’ll get more done

Learning to Say No More Often: Article from New York Times

Is Self-Care Self-Indulgence? – Article from New York Times

A case for doing nothing: The Dutch concept of ‘Niksen’ – Article from New York Times

What to do with a day off – Article from New York Times

How to Deal with Feeling Constantly Overwhelmed: Article from Harvard Business Review

Why Taking a Break Doesn’t Always Mean Unplugging – Article from HBR

Why Overwork is Really a Form of Laziness: Article from Thrive Global

Seeing Overwork as a Problem: Article from Thrive Global

How to calm a racing mind and finally go to sleep – Article from Thrive Global

Creating the Habit of Not Being Busy – Article from Thrive Global

The impact of Cognitive Fatigue – Article from Metro

Studies & Reports:

Microsoft Human Factors Lab Study: Research Proves Your Brain Needs Breaks

World Health Organisation Report 2021: Long Working Hours Increasing Deaths from Heart Attack and Stroke

Stanford University Study: The Productivity of Working Long Hours

How walking can improve creative thinking: 2014 Study – American Psychological Association

Downloads and Extra Resources:

Keeping Structure & Balance in Your Workday during the Covid19 Crisis

Energy depletion exercise: PDF Worksheet

Free Sleep Booklet to download: Your Guide to Healthy Sleep