Chair Massage

What is Chair Massage?

Chair Massage is a great way for office workers to take a short time-out from their desk to ease tension in the neck, back and shoulders and reduce stress. This 20 minute treatment takes place in a special massage chair and is carried out by one of our fully-qualified and highly experienced massage therapists. The treatment takes place while the client is fully-clothed.

The benefits of bringing Chair Massage to your office:

Cost and time effective – many benefits in short period of time with minimal investment
Prevention and treatment of common desk-related problems – RSI symptoms / neck, back and shoulder tension / headaches
Minimise the cost of sick days due to muscular and postural problems
Time out from the desk to motivate, energise and de-stress employees
An excellent way to demonstrate your investment in the mental and physical wellbeing of your team
Advantages of Thrive At Work’s Chair Massage Service

Experienced, fully qualified team
No-risk – free trial available
Use of massage chair included in price
Online booking system available
Contact us for further details and prices.