Office Yoga

business man carrying yoga mat

Office Yoga is the perfect antidote to workday stress and postural / muscular problems that can arise due to long hours spent at a desk. It is a great choice for anyone wishing to feel refreshed and invigorated during their work day, both physically and mentally. Unlike standard yoga lessons, our classes are designed to address the specific problems that desk workers tend to encounter. This is the ideal way to develop strength, flexibility and co-ordination as well as to manage stress, making participants more resilient to desk-related tension and injury.

Each class aims to slowly warm up the muscles, gradually building up to a series of postures that work to release energy throughout the body and bring focus to the mind.

Classes are open to all levels, including complete beginners, as the intensity of the class will be adapted to the level of the participants and the needs of the group. So whether it’s a gentle relaxation class or an energy-boosting challenge that you require, we can create a class that suits you.

Our instructors will bring the training to your workplace. They are all highly-skilled, fully qualified and are experienced and comfortable within a corporate environment.

The Thrive At Work team can tailor-make an Office Yoga course to suit your budget, space and availability, so whether it’s a weekly lunch time class or a short introductory course or workshop, we’re happy to find a solution for you.

No Risk: Free trial class available – Contact us to discuss your requirements