Desk Health

Are you sitting comfortably?

The bad news: Long hours spent sitting at a desk can take their toll on the body and the brain, resulting in low energy levels, pain, tension and difficulty with focus as well as some serious health risks. The good news: There are simple solutions at your disposal to prevent all these problems.

Thrive@Work trainings for desk-based workers offer fun and real-world solutions to your team that will arm them with the knowledge they need to set up or adjust their own personal work environment.  They will be given a toolkit of techniques to avoid tension, pain, injury and a negative office mood.

They will learn about the pitfalls of staying in a seated position for too long, and will be given the opportunity to find their own strategies that build some simple movement into their work day routine so that they leave the office with a spring in their step rather than a pain in their neck.

Trainings can be tailor-made to suit your own company’s needs and budget. To discuss your company’s requirements with the Thrive@Work team, contact us.