I’m Lucy Griffith, the founder of Thrive at Work, and this is my story…

I have more than 20 years experience working in corporate health and wellbeing. During these years I have successfully developed, managed and  facilitated a spectrum of health and wellbeing initiatives for a range of global companies.

I formed Thrive at Work in 2014. My mission was to bring a fresh and positive approach to wellbeing in the workplace. In creating my company’s services, I combined the experience I’d gained in the corporate world with diverse practical techniques I learned in my past work as dancer, fitness trainer, yoga teacher and wellness coach.

I’ve been busy with my own wellness journey since a very young age. I grew up in the UK, competing when I was young as a gymnast and sports acrobat and then spending the first years of my career as a professional modern dancer. I then went on to train to become a personal trainer / fitness instructor as well as studying coaching techniques, behavioural psychology and habit change.

After moving to the Netherlands in 2003 I became the Programme Manager for Health and Wellbeing for a global company.

Over the years I have worked with thousands of employees in a variety of contexts, sectors and roles. This experience has taught me more and more about what helps employees to stay mentally and physically healthy at work (and the barriers that prevent them from doing so). As my has work matured I have come to study and observe the huge impact that company culture has on employees’ ability to thrive (as opposed to merely survive) at work. My work therefore now follows a two-pronged approach: the building of healthy work cultures in which everyone can thrive together, as well as interventions that help employees with their individual challenges.