I’m Lucy Griffith, the founder of Thrive at Work, and this is my story…

I have more than 20 years experience working within the corporate health sector. During these years I have successfully managed and developed in-house health and fitness services for a range global companies.

Photograph of Lucy Griffith, Founder of Thrive at Work

I formed Thrive at Work in 2014. My mission was to bring a fresh and positive approach to wellbeing in the workplace. In creating my company’s services, I carved out my own methods. By weaving elements from the diverse techniques I have experienced in my past as a dancer, fitness trainer, yoga teacher and wellness coach I created my own unique trainings. It is very important for me to use practical techniques and straightforward theory to ensure accessibility. I wish to reach a wide spectrum of people, helping to nurture their energy, health and productivity during their working day.

I’ve been busy with my own wellness journey since a very young age. I grew up in the UK, competing in my youth as a gymnast and sports acrobat and then spending the first years of my career as a professional modern dancer. When I was studying for my dance degree, and later during my career as a performer, I discovered the importance of nurturing my brain as well as my and body, managing my energy levels, finding focus and concentration and maintaining the discipline to build sustainable healthy habits. I was fascinated with the positive effects my training was having on my own physical and mental wellbeing, and really wanted to share my learnings with others so that they could benefit too.

For this reason, I decided to study to become a personal trainer / fitness instructor. This deep-dive into anatomy & physiology theory and practice taught me a whole new range of techniques to help people build a healthy, strong and well-functioning body. I also studied coaching techniques, investigating the psychology of learning and habit-forming to keep my clients motivated and my methods sustainable.

After moving to the Netherlands in 2003 I became the Programme Manager for Health and Fitness for a global IT company. Here I built my experience of training both individuals and groups.  Through hundreds of conversations and observations of people working within an office environment, I began to understand more and more about what made employees thrive at work (and what prevented them from doing so). I made it my mission to find a toolkit of techniques that worked for a wide range of people and to help people understand how to turn these practices into habits so that they could enjoy sustainable health benefits.

I strongly believe that every employee deserves to work within a culture and environment that allows their health to flourish.