Meet the Team

Deshana Boo

Massage Therapist / Returner of Smiles

Deshana leads our experienced team of Thrive At Work chair massage therapists. She has earned an excellent reputation for sensitivity, intuition and skill and her massages are guaranteed to leave you relaxed and smiling!

Deshana has been working for many years to help people feel their best through the use of massage therapy. She received a qualification in Remedial Massage from The Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney, Australia in 2002. As an experienced world traveller, she has deepened her passion for bodywork by participating in numerous workshops and retreats while living in India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and America and runs her own successful massage practice Bodywork Integration and Awareness.

Lucy Griffith

Founder / Yoga Instructor / Energy Booster

Lucy has more than 20 years of experience working in the health and wellbeing industry and has been successfully managing and developing in-house health and fitness services for global companies since moving to Amsterdam in 2003.

She founded Thrive at Work in 2014 with a mission to bring a fresh and positive approach to wellbeing in the workplace. She specialises in yoga and energy-boost sessions, which nurture productivity, focus and positivity in busy people.

Lucy grew up in the UK, where she started out her career as a professional modern dancer. Her quest for for health and vitality then led her to qualify as a personal trainer, fitness coach and yoga instructor.

Shay Klomp Bueters

Integrative Nutrition Consultant / Good-Food-Mood Creator

Employees who eat well are employees who feel better! If you are looking to improve the energy of your employees, bring clarity of mind, balance the mood along with increasing overall productivity, Shay’s workshops and 1:1 consulting sessions are powerful, yet easy to digest. She looks at the full spectrum of not only the foods we eat, but also the other “foods” that nourish us throughout the day, ensuring we are keeping all areas in balance.

Shay is the founder of Contagiously Healthy, whose focus is just that – in making
healthy living contagious.

Lance Thompson

Fitness Trainer / Body Upgrader

Lance has extensive experience of delivering fitness training for companies, and his personal and group training sessions are always a big hit – particularly Box-Fit, Bootcamp and HIIT training.

Lance can be described as an authentic sports fitness trainer. He has a background as a Physical Education teacher, fitness and football trainer, health coach and sports organiser, researcher and adviser.

His dream and passion is to change lives due to sport and fitness and his motto is ‘Semper Pro Gradiens – Always Progressing’. He runs his own successful training business LT Fit Force.

Lorna Wilson

Fitness Trainer / Desk-Pain Buster

Save money on sick days due to desk-related back, neck or shoulder problems with Lorna’s pain prevention workshops, courses and programmes. She can help your office employees achieve an efficient and free-moving body that has less chance of injury. Lorna also leads inspiring outdoor training sessions for companies (bootcamp and running classes) that ensure your team gets fit and has fun at the same time.

Lorna is a successful triathlete, (ultra) marathon runner, Personal Trainer, Biomechanics Coach and founder of Wilson’s Workouts.