The Benefits of Investing in Employee Wellness

Are you looking to recruit and retain really good people?

“80% of employees say wellness programs would be crucial to attracting and keeping them over the next ten years.” *

Your people are your biggest asset, right?

Wellbeing programs send a clear message to your employees that you care enough to invest in their mental and physical health and that you genuinely want them to enjoy their work.

“50% of European workers report feeling stressed in their place of work, and the issue is responsible for half of the continent’s lost working days” *

Regular exercise releases endorphins that help workers feel more positive, energised and better able to focus and retain information. Massage helps to prevent and treat common desk-related problems such as neck, back and shoulder tension and headaches. This is not only great news for your employees – you also get to reap the rewards. Healthy workers take less of those costly sick days and this means a stronger organisation, increased productivity and an improved bottom line for you.


    * source: CoreNet survey: Sustaining talent through wellbeing in the Workplace, 2014