What would the alternative be to ‘borrowing’ time and energy from your leisure?

Are you too tired at the end of your work day to do much more than flop down on the couch and turn on Netflix?

If you find yourself habitually ‘borrowing’ time and energy from your leisure hours in order to meet the demands of your work, it’s worth thinking about what the alternative would look like.

If you habitually finished work on time and with loads of energy to spend, what changes would you make to your leisure hours?

➜ Are there new hobbies you would start?
➜ Are there previously-abandoned pastimes you would pick up again?
➜ Would there be people you’d enjoy spending more time with?
➜ Would you invest more time looking after yourself?
➜ Would these changes benefit your work life as well as your leisure life?

I’m curious to hear your answers.

I’ve been experimenting with giving my leisure hours a bit of a boost recently. I’ve been trying to unearth some old hobbies that have been buried too long under a heap of work/life/parenting etc. responsibilities. I tried to get past the habit of doing as little as possible after a work day and instead I’ve dusted off my camera this summer and have taken up playing a musical instrument again (after a 35 year break!!). For me, rediscovering these hobbies has brought an energy boost to my (usually weary) evenings and gives me a bit of a mental-break from thinking about work. But on some days the couch / Netflix combination wins 🙂