Work Day Nutrition

Good Office Food = A Good Office Mood

We constantly hear from our corporate clients  that one of the biggest challenges that they face is the struggle to maintain high energy and focus throughout their work day, despite long and demanding work hours.

The types of food that office workers tend to ‘grab on the go’ during a busy work day can have a dramatic effect on the way that they feel and function at work and can mean the difference between razor-sharp focus and total ‘brain fog’.

Thrive@Work  nutrition trainings offer fun and real-world solutions to your team that will arm them with the knowledge they need to make positive food choices during their working day. In a series of practical exercises, they will learn how to unleash their focus, energy and productivity and get to know their own personal response to the food and drink that they consume. They will also learn how to avoid the pitfalls of food and drink that trigger emotional and energy dips, resulting in a negative office mood.

Trainings can be tailor-made to suit your own company’s needs and budget. To discuss your company’s requirements with the Thrive@Work team, contact us.