What do workshops offer you?

Empower your employees with tools and techniques to help them thrive at work.

  • Group learning sessions delivered live by me: online, in your office or on location.
  • Practical and immediately-actionable strategies to tackle specific challenges.
  • Individual sessions, or combined to form a series or program.
  • Suitable for a large range of group sizes / flexible in length.
  • Super-simple to integrate into your existing company programs or events.

Group Workshop Menu

We’re In This Together

This session considers what face-to-face vs. virtual contact means to us as humans and offers hacks and strategies to help foster a feeling of trust and togetherness when working remotely.

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Small Changes, Big Results

Learn how to create easy, sustainable and positive work day habits without having to do difficult or time-consuming things.

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Finding Calm During Challenging Times

Get a range of scientifically-proven techniques that you can use to help calm yourself down and manage difficult situations.

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Combat Online Meeting Fatigue

Learn some tips and hacks to combat so-called ‘Zoom fatigue’, to help you stay more fresh, alert and engaged as you work online

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Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Maintain good working relationships and reach positive outcomes from your conversations by exploring a range of ways to give and receive effective feedback.

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Recharge and Rebalance your Work Day

Learn real-world strategies to help you balance energy-depleting activities with those that help you recharge and refresh so that you can feel great at work.

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Where Did All The Time Go?

Real-world strategies to help you take back control of your time, opening up space to prioritise your mental and physical health.

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Re-Boot Your Workday Brain & Body

Experiment with some physical hacks and strategies to help you bring your sharpest and most energetic self to work.

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Custom-Built Workshops

Custom-built workshops to provide solutions to your employees’ health & wellbeing-related challenges

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Why Invest in My Workshops?

Benefits For Participants:

  • A memorable and interactive group learning experience
  • A unique blend of science-based theory, self-reflection and physical learning
  • Real-world, pragmatic tools and techniques that can be immediately integrated into your work day

An Easy, Flexible Solution For Your Company:

  • Simple to integrate into your company’s existing wellbeing program or event
  • Delivered live, online, at your office or on location
  • Flexible format to meet your company’s needs

Aims & Philosophy

Read about the philosophy behind this work here.

Tools for Life

Participants are given simple methods to create sustainable, healthy habits. These are small, manageable actions that can be woven into their workday to help them manage stress, work effectively together and feel more focused, productive and energetic.

I focus on habit change because I think that it’s so important that this work brings about sustainable benefits. I help the employees turn these new learnings into habits that have the potential to stick with them throughout their careers.

Maximise potential for sustainable change:

Whilst individual workshops are a great way to initiate the process of healthy habit change, full programs offer the perfect choice for companies who want to dig deeper and maximise the potential for long-lasting positive change in their organisations. For more details visit the solutions page.

Why is movement important?

Simple physical exercises are included in each session to deepen participants’ understanding of the focus topic. All of these exercises are low-sweat techniques that are easy to learn and suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level. They offer short, manageable strategies that can be taken away and used directly in a working day. All exercises can be done in the office or at home, as all that is needed is a small space and a chair. No change of clothing is required.