Our workshops bring practical, fun and real-world training to your workplace, empowering your employees to find answers to their own unique health and wellbeing challenges. This helps them to adapt to any problems that the modern work environment might present.

We tailor-make workshops and programmes to suit your company’s needs and budget, in a range of topics.

Sample Workshop Content:

Physical Stress Resilience at Work

Work shouldn’t hurt!

This workshop helps employees to find strategies that address muscular tension & pain and energy slumps at work.

They will learn how small changes to their everyday workday habits can have a positive impact on their health, vitality and resistance to stress.

This is a fun, interactive session which will get participants up on their feet and trying out practical ideas, finding some real-world solutions to help make their workday happier and healthier.



Sleep and Rest: Find Your Workday Vitality

How is your employees’ workday energy?

Are they waking up rested every morning and ready to work with all cylinders firing? Or struggling to maintain focus and concentration due to brain fog and fatigue?

In this workshop, participants learn about the hugely impactful benefits of good quality sleep and rest on their ability to work at optimum performance levels.

It helps to increase employees’ stress-resilience by offering tips and tricks on how to maximise good quality sleep, helping them to avoid workday dips and health risks by replacing energy-depleting activities with those that recharge and refresh.


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