Group Workshop

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Everyone has to face difficult conversations from time to time during their working lives. Offering or receiving feedback or sensitive information, for example, can sometimes feel like a minefield. Some approaches can trigger a stress response, resulting in a defensive knee-jerk reaction that can shut down the conversation and cause resentment.

This session explores a range of strategies that you can use during those difficult conversations to help you reach a positive outcome, minimise stress and maintain good working relationships.

What to Expect:

Benefits For Participants:

  • A memorable and interactive group learning experience
  • A unique blend of science-based theory, self-reflection and physical learning
  • Real-world, pragmatic tools and techniques that can be immediately integrated into your work day

An Easy, Flexible Solution For Your Company:

  • Simple to integrate into your company’s existing wellbeing program or event
  • Delivered live, online, at your office or on location
  • Flexible format to meet your company’s needs
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