Office Yoga: What to Expect

COVID-19: Are yoga classes happening at the moment?

Thrive at Work yoga classes have been on hold for a while as the offices in which I usually work are closed. Once you’re ready to resume in-person classes, I’m happy to begin teaching them for you! Of course, the correct social-distancing measures will be taken to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. In the meantime, if you’re interested in me leading online yoga classes for your company, please contact me for details.

What are the benefits of yoga?

There is a host of scientifically proven physical and mental benefits of regular yoga practice, including:

  • Prevention of back pain
  • Stress reduction and improved stress resilience
  • Improved brain function
  • Increased energy, focus and productivity
  • Increased strength and flexibility

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Are beginners welcome?

Yes! If you’ve never tried yoga before then you are absolutely welcome to join these classes. My classes provide a supportive environment for beginners to learn yoga gradually and safely, but are also suitable for those with previous yoga practice. Everyone is different, so you will be encouraged to take things at your own pace.

Do I need to be flexible?

No! Yoga is a great way to develop flexibility, however it certainly isn’t a requirement. If you find some of the poses challenging at first, you will be offered adaptations and alternatives to suit your body and you will be given time to allow flexibility to develop safely and gradually.

Is yoga suitable for everyone?

Men and women of all ages and levels of fitness are welcome. However, if you are pregnant, injured or have some kind of physical restriction or health condition that affects your ability to exercise, please discuss this with me before your first session.

What will I be doing in class?

Classes are 60 minutes long. Each session begins by slowly warming up the body using stretches and breathing exercises. We then gradually build up to a series of postures designed to develop strength and flexibility and to increase energy flow through the body. The sessions end with a relaxation exercise.

What do I need to bring / wear?

I have a limited number of mats available for loan to people who wish to try out the classes. If you decide to attend regularly I encourage you to bring your own yoga mat. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes and be prepared to remove your shoes and socks, as yoga is practiced bare-footed.

Who will be leading the class?

My name is Lucy Griffith and I’ll be leading your class. I’m a specialist in office yoga and founder of Thrive at Work. I have worked as a professional dancer, personal trainer, gym instructor and fitness manager as well as studying human anatomy and massage. I have an Internationally-recognised 300-hour yoga teaching certification from Yoga Alliance.

In which language will the classes be given?


What style of yoga will we be doing?

My classes are given in the yoga style ‘Vinyasa Flow’. Like almost all yoga styles, Vinyasa flow involves the study of classical yoga poses and helps to build overall strength and flexibility. However, unlike traditional yoga classes, the poses flow from one to another, synchronizing with the breath. This style is ideal for desk workers who sit still for long hours throughout the day. The flowing nature of the sequences allows blocked energy to flow, energising and focusing the mind and body.

Do I need to come to classes every week?

No. Feel free to come along to classes whenever it suits your schedule. There is no obligation to attend every week (although regular yoga practice often results in more significant physical and mental benefits).