Shifting the focus from ‘where’ to ‘when’

Another side to the flexible working debate worth thinking about:
We are all searching for solutions to increase productivity / focus / retention / engagement / employee health:
Instead of focusing on the ‘where’ we should be working debate that continues to dominate – it might be worth shifting the focus to ‘when’ we should be working instead.
Survey results by Future Forum Pulse (Feb 23) involving 10,243 global desk workers show that schedule flexibility has a huge impact on both business results and employee experience:
When compared to workers with no ability to shift their schedules, respondents with full schedule flexibility report:
➜ 39% higher productivity
➜ 64% greater ability to focus
The survey results also showed a dramatic impact on employee retention / turnover:
Employees with rigid work schedules say they are 2.5x more likely to “definitely” look for a new job in the next year compared with workers who have some ability to adjust their schedules.
Compared to those with moderate schedule flexibility, desk workers surveyed who said they have little to no ability to set their hours reported:
➜ 4.6x worse work-related stress and anxiety
➜ 2.6x worse work-life balance
We’re all aware than employees are demanding more flexibility these days, but it’s not just about work location – it’s also about work schedule. These survey results give a clear indication that they are willing to change jobs to gain more choice about how they work.